Brake Rotors

Genuine Mopar Brake Rotors

Rotors are a disposable items and will need replacing at a point depending on your driving style and the type of brake pads used. A sign of bad rotors is grooves or Score Marks on the Rotor. Another symptom of bad or failing rotors is visual scoring or grooves on the face of the rotor. Repeated contact with the brake pads can develop these marks over time. Rotors are designed to have a thickness that wears down over time. When you drive, the car will tell you if the brakes or brake rotors are in need of replacing. Squealing or squeaking is usually an excellent indication. If you hear grinding, have your brakes inspected and replace worn parts as soon as possible, because this is a definite sign that you have brake wear on your pads and they are worn to the metal.

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